Sunday 5 September 2021

Gig Review: GREEN LUNG at The Bread Shed, Manchester (UK) 02/09/2021


I haven't been into Green Lung long, but I'm finding myself listening to them a lot these days. I recently witnessed their fantastic set at Bloodstock (Click for review), and decided to see them again in Manchester. I've also pre-ordered their new album, so I'll review that here when it arrives!

I arrived in time to catch the main support, Barbarian Hermit. The venue is packed. Tonight is a sold out show and the place is heaving and stinking as though Covid never happened. These guys are clearly local heroes and there are plenty of people getting into their filthy, fuzzy, mega-heavy Rock n' Roll. This was a superb slot for these guys and I have no doubt they grew their popularity quite a bit.

Having sold out The Dome in London the night before, Green Lung come onstage to a sold out Bread Shed. The atmosphere is electric, and it's been some time since I've seen a band blow up like this.

Opening with the awesome Lady Lucifer, they play for a solid hour and ten mins. It's 'all killer no filler' tonight. The new songs from their forthcoming Black Harvest album, Leaders Of The Blind, Reaper's Scythe, and Graveyard Sun were lapped up by the audience as though they'd been listening to them for years. It shows that their fan-base is very much engaged, familiarising them with the new songs as soon as they hit YouTube. 

The songs from their first record were also pure magic, especially Woodland Rites and The Ritual Tree. Ending the show with the awesome Let The Devil In was a masterstroke, albeit a predictable one. 

What I believe separates Green Lung from the countless Stoner/Doom/Sabbath-worship bands out there are the writing and the character. The songs are so well put together, with some fantastic vocal lines and interesting note choices, keeping the band away from the generic and making their repertoire catchy-as-Hell without having to compromise any crushing heaviness. Their occult lyrics and imagery are cool as fuck too. They're clearly dominating their niche scene right now, and I'm imagining how insanely huge they could become. Best of luck to them, they deserve it. 


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