Thursday 14 October 2021

Album Review: VENUES - Solace


01. Razorblade Teeth
02. Whydah Gally
03. Rite Of Passage
04. Uncaged Birds
05. Into The Fire
06. Down Below
07. Shifting Colors
08. Our Destiny
09. Deceptive Faces
10. Mountains

I loved this band's 2018 debut album, Aspire (click for review), so I've been excited to hear what they were going to do next. They have since had a line-up change, with Lela Gruber taking over one of the vocal positions. Fortunately, she's amazing and fits into the band perfectly.

Solace is a powerful step forward for the band in terms of song-writing, performance, and also production. Venues sound heavier than ever, without compromising the awesome melodic vocal lines. Songs like the incredible Rite Of Passage prove this point, and are enough to hook in new listeners with ease.

What I love about this album is how strong it is from start to finish. There are no weak tracks, and the whole record is great to listen to in its entirety. How a band like this with such great songs isn't far bigger is a mystery, but they certainly have the potential to be massive. 

My favourites at the moment are Shifting Colors, Razorblade Teeth, and Rite Of Passage. It's all great. Do yourself a favour, and check Venues out ASAP.


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