Tuesday 12 October 2021

Album Review: THE WILDHEARTS - 21st Century Love Songs


01. 21st Century Love Songs
02. Remember These Days
03. Splitter
04. Institutional Submission
05. Sleepaway
06. You Do You
07. Sort Your Fucking Shit Out
08. Directions
09. A Physical Exorcism
10. My Head Wants Me Dead

After their excellent comeback album, Renaissance Men (click for review), The Wildhearts wasted no time in creating a follow up. 21st Century Love Songs takes more risks and has some eclectic interludes and a host of surprises. Now I've had plenty of time to let it soak in, I find to to be a more rewarding and an overall 'better' album than its predecessor.

The opener/title track encompasses everything I love about the band. It's heavy, noisy, energetic, and is soaked with Pop hooks and plenty of character. In fairness, loads of these songs fit that description. It's what they do, and no-one does it quite like The Wildhearts. There's a reason they've been one of my favourite bands for most of my life.

The production is stellar, giving the album plenty of punch in the right places. Everything is on-point with this record. The sound, the writing, performance, artwork. 21st Century Love Songs is a roaring success and is sure to delight any existing fan and win over anyone new whose first introduction to the band is this beast.

Picking favourites from an album as good as this is difficult, but I'd have to go for Splitter, Remember These days, and Sort Your Fucking Shit Out. I may choose three different ones next week. 


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