Tuesday 25 April 2017

Album Review: COUNTERFEIT - Together We Are Stronger

Counterfeit - Together We Are Stronger

01. Washed Out
02. For The Thrill Of It
03. Close To Your Chest
04. As Yet Untitled
05. Romeo
06. You Can't Rely
07. Lost Everything
08. Addiction
09. Enough
10. Letters To The Lost

This is the debut album from the UK's Counterfeit. They've been receiving a lot of press of late, not just because they're a decent band, but because their lead singer is the actor Jamie Campbell Bower who starred in three Twilight films and a Harry Potter movie , and a number of others.

So with an already world famous lead singer, Counterfeit are in the enviable position of starting out with media interest and an almost ready made fan-base. I'm not sure how many followers Jamie has on social media, but I probably can't count that high. This scenario reminds me of Jared Leto's band 30 Seconds To Mars, and their immediate rise to fame. However, to sustain success, the music has to be killer. Jared's band was awesome and is still successful to this day, whereas Steven Seagal's band sucked balls and no-one really gives a fuck about his musical output anymore. So, what about Counterfeit?

I'm pleased to say that they're not just good, they're fucking great. They sound like early Bush mixed with early Gallows, as they have that raw Grunge sound, but with a contemporary feel and an aggressive Punk edge that sizzles with energy and passion. After the lame album Bush released earlier this year (see review here) I was so happy to hear this album, as Together We Are Stronger is what I'd have loved Bush's record to have sounded like. This really is a case of 'Out with the old and in with the new!'

Together We Are Stronger is an excellent debut album. It's packed full of great songs, and has huge crossover potential.  I'll be very surprised if they don't become a huge international act in the near future.


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