Thursday 27 April 2017

Album Review: SADDOLLS - Blood Of A Kind

Saddolls - Blood of a Kind

01. Dunkelstein
02. Creep It Into You
03. Cold Blood Inside
04. Zombie Love
05. Sex In Church
06. Kiss You In Hell
07. Pale White Dracula
08. Die Better
09. Misery Revisited

I only recently discovered SadDolls which is very odd, as I really should have heard of them ages ago. A friend of mine recently posted their new video on Facebook, saying that they sounded like HIM. They do a bit, but to my ears their music is more of a mix of Icon & The Black Roses, The 69 Eyes and Deathstars. If you like the aforementioned artists, SadDolls may be your new favourite band.

They're from Greece, and Blood of a Kind is their fourth studio album. All is all, it's pretty good. Some tracks are stronger than others, but overall it's a solid record. Highlights include the single Cold Blood Inside, Die Better and the faster, heavier Misery Revisited, which finishes off the album on a high.

SadDolls are clearly a good band, but they aren't quite in the league of the aforementioned bands that they are reminiscent of. Having said that, they have moments of greatness, and I believe that with the support of a larger label and the right producer, they could soar out of obscurity and become an international Goth treasure.


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