Wednesday 14 March 2018

EP Review: SUICIDAL TENDENCIES - Get Your Fight On

Suicidal Tendencies - Get Your Fight On

01. Nothing To Lose
02. Get United
03. iAuthority
04. Ain't Mess'n Around
05. S.E.D
06. I Got A Right (Stooges cover)
07. Get Your Right On!
08. Get Your Bass On!
09. Get Your Shred On!
10. Get Your Fight On!

This new Suicidal Tendencies EP serves as a 'stop-gap' between the last studio album (2016's World Gone Mad), and the new one which is due in July of this year. With an album's worth of material, Get Your Fight On is certainly a substantial treat for the fans.

The title track Get Your Fight On! was originally released on World Gone Mad, and this EP features some re-worked versions of it, one bass led, one guitar led, and an acoustic version renamed Get Your Right On! The latter features a guest appearance from Blink182's Travis Barker on drums. They're all interesting interpretations, and it's cool that they have seen the light of day via this eclectic release. I think that Get Your Right On! is particularly cool and reminds me of the band's more commercial The Art Of Rebellion era.

Opener Nothing To Lose and Ain't Mess'n Around are both re-recordings of songs from the awesome 1995 Cyko Miko (Suicidal Tendencies vocalist Mike Muir's other project) album Lost My Brain! (Once Again). The new versions sound great, but so did the originals.

The other tracks are great too, and the cover of  The Stooges' I Got A Right is an absolute gem.

There has clearly been a renewed interest in Suicidal Tendencies since ex-Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo joined before their last studio album, and this new EP is a more than worthwhile offering to keep everyone's enthusiasm ticking over while we wait for the next record.


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