Tuesday 27 March 2018

Album Review: MORS SUBITA - Into The Pitch Black

Mors Subita - Into The Pitch Black

01. Path To The Abyss
02. As Humanity Weeps
03. Dead Sun
04. Defeat
05. Into The Pitch Black
06. Alas
07. I, God
08. Vultures
09. Fear Is Just The Beginning
10. Shadows
11. The Void

Mors Subita is a modern Melodic Death Metal band from Oulu in Finland, and this is their third full-length album.

The first thing I thought of when I started listening to this was At The Gates' classic Slaughter of the Soul record. Into The Pitch Black is by no means a clone, but it shares the same feral raging and technical precision that the aforementioned legendary 'gateway' album had. That was my initial reaction, but the further I delved in, I could hear plenty of other influences too, such as Soilwork, The Haunted and Arch Enemy. In short, if you like the bands I just name-dropped, you're going to fucking love Mors Subita!

The production is absolutely perfect for a band like this. Every note is crystal clear, and the overall sonic delivery is heavy as Hell. Mors Subita have brought a lot of melody into their music, but it's mainly through the amazing guitar work, and the vocals are kept harsh and utterly savage throughout.

Dead Sun has some very nice melodic guitar work, and the key change at the end of the track really makes the song. The title track has atmospheric clean-tone parts, juxtaposed with some punchy riffing, making for an interesting listen. Vultures has some serious 'bounce-factor', and I can imagine it becoming a live favourite for the band. Fear Is Just The Beginning has some intense blast-beats and a very prominent early Death Metal influence, making it what I consider to be the darkest moment on the album.

If Melodic Death Metal is your thing, Into The Pitch Black may well be your album of the year!


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