Monday 19 March 2018

Album Review: BLACK MOTH - Anatomical Venus

01. Istra
02. Moonbow
03. Sisters Of The Stone
04. Buried Hoards
05. Severed Grace
06. A Lovers Hate
07. Screen Queen
08. Tourmaline
09. A Thousand Arrows
10. Pig Man

Congratulations to Black Moth for the most hideous album cover I think I've ever seen. That shit is seriously grim. Anyway, I've been listening to Black Moth for a few years now. I have their first two albums and have been looking forward to checking out this new one and getting back into that Sabbath groove.

Istra kicks off the record with a wash of atmospheric guitars that are quickly followed by some super heavy distorted riffs and soaring vocals from lead singer Harriet Hyde. This crushing heaviness is contrasted by more chilled sections that have an almost Indie-Rock quality.

Moonbow is a catchy track with some infectious lead guitar work. I'm not surprised that they made a music video for this one, as it's as commercial as Black Moth gets, and could certainly open the band up to a wider audience were it to be given enough airplay. That guitar solo is something special too! Other highlights include the raging Sisters of the Stone and the Kyuss-esque A Thousand Arrows.

I feel the Doom/Sludge/Stoner scene is packed full of dull bands with repetitive drawn out songs that go nowhere, and consequently there are only a handful that I'm interested in. Fortunately, Black Moth are one of them. They do occasionally drift into 'dirge territory', but they have an energetic and aggressive Grunge / Garage influence that keeps them interesting and way ahead of the pack. I wouldn't say that Anatomical Venus is their best record, but it's certainly strong enough, not to mention different enough from its predecessors to warrant checking out.


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