Tuesday 20 March 2018

Album Review: MYLES KENNEDY - Year Of The Tiger

Myles Kennedy - Year Of The Tiger

01. Year Of The Tiger
02. The Great Beyond
03. Blind Faith
04. Devil On The Wall
05. Ghost of Shangri La
06. Turning Stones
07. Haunted By Design
08. Mother
09. Nothing But A Name
10. Love Can Only Heal
11. Songbird
12. One Fine Day

This is the first solo album from the Alter Bridge / Slash lead singer, and after the huge success of the bands he's fronted over the last few years, Year of the Tiger has a lot to live up to.

Fans may know that Myles is an accomplished guitarist and songwriter as well as a world-renowned vocalist, and this record certainly shows off his skills, most of which I doubt he'd ever get to use with his other bands. On this Year of the Tiger, he played lap steel, mandolin, banjo and bass as well as the guitar.

Year of the Tiger was inspired by the loss of Myles' father when he was a child and tells the story of what happened afterwards. It's effectively a concept album and a very personal one too, which allows the listener access to parts of Myles' life, and naturally displays an emotional depth and honesty that only a solo album of this nature can really provide. It's a brave move, and one that clearly shows that Myles values creativity and the need to tell a story over intentionally commercial output.

This record demonstrates Myles' love for The Blues and the acoustic guitar, and is quite far removed from the Hard Rock and Heavy Metal acts that he's usually associated with. Quite a few of the songs on here sound a bit like an unplugged Soundgarden, well, the darker ones anyway! There are a number of upbeat numbers on the record too, so it has a good mix of textures throughout, keeping things interesting. I particularly like the drama-soaked The Great Beyond and the Rockabilly tinged Devil on the Wall.

The songs are all catchy and the musicianship is impeccable. Year of the Tiger may not appeal to all of Myles' existing fan base, but it's an undeniably excellent album, and I think that he really had to make it for himself. After all, most of the finest art is the work that the artist feels compelled to make, and this record is no exception.


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