Thursday 28 June 2018

Album Review: DIAMANTE - Coming In Hot

Diamante - Coming In Hot

01. Coming In Hot
02. Sound Of Us
03. Had Enough (Lower Than Atlantis cover)
04. Fight Like A Girl (F.L.A.G)
05. I'm Sorry
06. Haunted
07. Sleepwalking
08. Bullet Proof
09. Kind Of Love
10. Black Heart
11. Crazy On You
12. Definitely Not In Love
13. War Cry
14. Lo Siento

The first time I heard Diamante was about a year ago when I watched the video for the single Coming In Hot. What a great song that was! It reminded me of classic Joan Jett with some quality 80's Glam and Sleaze thrown in, worthy of Poison or Motley Crue. Musically, it ticked all the right boxes for my tastes, so I've been really looking forward to hearing her full-length debut album. Finally, the wait is now over, and Diamante has released an absolute monster.

Diamante has managed to create a record that harks back to the 80's, yet somehow remains fresh and exciting. It all sounds so new and contemporary, yet familiar at the same time. For this reason alone, comparisons to bands like The Pretty Reckless and Halestorm are inevitable. If you're already a fan of either of those artists, I can't see how you wouldn't absolutely love Coming In Hot.

Haunted is one of the more 'Metal' tracks and reminds me of New Years Day, but not quite as heavy. However, it's ridiculously catchy and is easily heavy enough to deliver the kind of punch and bite required for a great Hard Rock / Metal single.

I'm Sorry is a superb power ballad and is yet another radio-friendly potential hit. What's really cool is that there's a Spanish language version, Lo Siento, at the end of the record. If anything, the song sounds better in Spanish as the language just sounds so beautiful over the music.

Other highlights include the anthemic Bullet Proof and the Pop Rock ballad Black Heart.

Coming In Hot is packed full of superbly crafted and perfectly produced songs that should catapult Diamante into Rock superstardom. She has the songs, the image, and the talent, not to mention the Pop sensibilities to branch into the mainstream and become a massive international artist.

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  1. As always spot on.. Caught her show , good energy...


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