Friday 1 June 2018

Album Review: MANIC STREET PREACHERS - Resistance Is Futile

01. People Give In
02. International Blue
03. Distant Colours
04. Vivian
05. Dylan & Caitlin
06. Liverpool Revisited
07. Sequals of Forgotten Wars
08. Hold Me Like a Heaven
09. In Eternity
10. Broken Algorithms
11. A Song for the Sadness
12. The Left Behind

Manic Street Preachers were always a strange band. The first song of theirs I heard was Slash 'n' Burn, and even today it's one of my favourite songs. I still have the limited-edition gold CD single. Anyway, after their killer debut album, they went more in an Indie/Alternative direction, and mostly dropped their big Guns n' Roses style riffs. I still liked them though, but found their albums to be quite hit and miss going forward.

This new album is no different. The first single, International Blue, is fantastic and sounds like it could have appeared on their classic Everything Must Go, but with a crisper modern production. It's a massive glorious slab of contemporary Alternative Rock.

Like its predecessors, Resistance Is Futile is lyrically very intelligent and awash with depth that opens plenty of discussion amongst fans. They turn modern rage and frustration into an art form and don't shy away from tackling challenging and unsettling subject matters. A plethora of topics are covered here from the political disenchantment of Distant Colours, to the Hillsborough disaster in Liverpool Revisited.

Musically, there's more mid-paced Indie than furious Punk 'n Roll on offer here, but I expected that. However, there're plenty of interesting and multi-layered songs on offer here to make Resistance Is Futile worth getting acquainted with.


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