Sunday 9 September 2018

Album Review: UNDEROATH - Erase Me

Underoath - Erase Me

01. It Has To Start Somewhere
02. Rapture
03. On My Teeth
04. Wake Me
05. Bloodlust
06. Sink With You
07. ihateit
08. Hold Your Breath
09. No Frame
10. In Motion
11. I Gave Up

Underoath was always one of those bands that I was aware of, but didn't really like much and consequently didn't particularly give a shit about. The fact that they were a Christian band really turned me off too. Christian Metalcore with a twist of Jesus fuelled screamo? I'd rather plunge hot pins into my balls than endure such a sickening racket!

You can imagine my surprised when I was recommended this new record, and actually liked it! There's plenty of good news here. Firstly, they have announced that they're no longer a Christian band. Perhaps they all had an epiphany and realised that the Bible is a work of fiction, creationism is embarrassingly stupid, and the sanctimonious nonsense they once peddled has no place in the world of Metal? Who knows? Also, the first single from this new album, On My Teeth, is the first Underoath song to feature rude words. Satan totally has them now!

Secondly, and most importantly, they have changed their sound considerably, and now genre-wise sit more closely to current worldwide mega-stars Bring Me The Horizon, and rising contemporary Metal/Hardcore/Alt rockers While She Sleeps. Yes, this new sound may alienate a chunk of their fan-base, but it has the potential to gain them a much larger following.

There are some excellent songs on Erase Me, especially the Industrial-tinged singles Rapture and On My Teeth and In Motion, with its sing-along-chorus mixing Pop with rage, reminding me a little of early 30 Seconds To Mars.

Overall, Erase Me is actually a really good album. It's as catchy as it is contemporary, and could well help the band to find a new audience and make them bigger than ever before.


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