Friday 14 September 2018

Movie Review: TERRIFIER (2017)

I was recommended this film by a friend a while back, and I've only just got round to finally watching it. I massively regret taking so long to do so.


Terrifier is a sick, twisted, gore-soaked rampage of death and destruction, laced with dark humour and over-the-top violent murder scenes, all committed by the movie's protagonist Art the Clown.

The main story centres around two girls who are winding up a drunken night, and end up being stalked by a creepy looking clown. Little do they realise that the clown is intending to mutilate and murder the pair of them, and anyone else that he comes near.

I absolutely loved Terrifier. It took all of the best elements of 80's Slasher movies and blended them into a modern, more brutal, more fucked-up take on the genre. I love how there is no apparent motive for Art's killing spree, other than that he seems to be somewhat amused by doing it.

These sorts of villains are far scarier and considerably more interesting when they're not explained in some tedious, emotive back-story. No-one wants to see that shit, we just want to see murder and mayhem, all soaked in an extremely dark sense of humour. The makers of this movie get that. They understand what makes a film like this awesome, and really go for the throat.

Terrifier is one of the best Horror movies I've seen in a long time, and it comes highly recommended. Apparently, Art first made his big-screen appearance in the movie All Hallows' Eve, so I'll blatantly be watching that in the near future!


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