Wednesday 2 June 2021

Album Review: BURNING WITCHES - The Witch Of The North

01. Winter's Wrath
02. The Witch Of The North
03. Tainted Ritual
04. We Stand As One
05. Flight Of The Valkyries
06. The Circle Of Five
07. Lady Of The Woods
08. Thrall
09. Omen
10. Nine Worlds
11. For Eternity
12. Dragon's Dream
13. Eternal Frost
14. Hall Of The Mountain King (Savatage cover)

Wow, this album came together fast! Their previous record, Dance With The Devil (read my review here), only came out just over a year ago, just before the planet closed down due to Coronavirus. Consequently, it was never toured. To make matters worse, very soon after the album came out, their lead guitarist, Sonia Anubis, quit the band. Refusing to be defeated, Burning Witches recruited lead guitarist Larissa Ernst, and worked towards this brand new album.

The Witch Of The North is a very accomplished body of work. The production is good and the musicianship is to a very high standard. 

Overall, it feels a little more serious in tone than previous records, in the respect that it's missing ridiculous-yet-fun tracks like Maneater, Dance With The Devil, or We Eat Your Children. and we get more mature fantasy story-telling plus a couple of songs with a 'unity' theme, no doubt inspired by the solidification of their new line-up. 

Burning Witches know when to Thrash and when to bring the big melodies, making for some quality Metal. The Witch Of The North is 'turkey-free', with every track being a certified banger. My personal favourites are Thrall, Dragon's Dream, Flight Of The Valkyries, and the monstrous power-ballad, Lady of The Woods.

All topped off with a fantastic cover of Savatage's Hall Of The Mountain King, The Witch Of The North is not only a great record, but a statement that the Witches are back and firing on all cylinders.  



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