Tuesday 1 June 2021

Album Review: ROYAL BLOOD - Typhoons


01. Trouble's Coming
02. Oblivion
03. Typhoons
04. Who Needs Friends
05. Million And One
06. Limbo
07. Either You Want It
08. Boilermaker
09. Mad Visions
10. Hold On
11. All We Have Is Now
12. Space (Bonus Track)
13. King (Bonus track)


Typhoons is the third album from British contemporary Rock duo, Royal Blood. Their self-titled debut album was an undeniable classic, and their second, How Did We Get So Dark? (click here for my review), was also packed with killer tunes, so expectations were high for the new one.

Royal Blood have a very distinctive sound and nothing has really changed in that department. The dirty lo-fi bass that sounds like a guitar and a bass mixed together is still prominent. The insanely catchy choruses, guaranteeing further mainstream success and radio play are present too. What is a little different is that some of the tracks have a bit of a disco vibe, especially on the amazing single Limbo.

It's obvious why Royal Blood is a major label award-winning band. It's all so slick, catchy, genre-crossing, and easy to digest. The production is on-point and the band keep churning out irresitstible magic.

Limbo is my favourite track on here, closely followed by Typhoons, Mad Visions and Trouble's Coming

I wouldn't go as far as saying that Typhoons is a stronger record than their debut, but it's not far off. I've no doubt that Royal Blood will remain as a huge act for years to come, especially if they continue to churn out potential hit singles at the rate they currently do.


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