Sunday 13 June 2021

Album Review: EVANESCENCE - The Bitter Truth


01. Artifact/The Turn
02. Broken Pieces Shine
03. The Game Is Over
04. Yeah Right
05. Feeding The Dark
06. Wasted On You
07. Better Without You
08. Use My Voice
09. Take Cover
10. Far From Heaven
11. Part Of Me
12. Blind Belief

The Bitter Truth is Evanescence's first album of original material in a decade. It's mad to think that their previous record came out ten years ago, as it feels like yesterday. Frightening. Anyway, The Bitter Truth is a welcome return for a band that appears to have never lost its popularity. 

What's interesting about this record is that it isn't vastly different from its predecessors, but manages to sound fresh and sparkling with creativity. Bands with a fan-base like Evanescence have, could easily 'mail it in' and sell a crazy amount of albums, but they've chosen to produce something with real substance that makes The Bitter Truth vital and relevant.

Personally, I really like the heavier songs where the riffage compliments Amy Lee's powerful, mournful vocals, providing an epic sheen. Broken Pieces Shine is a great example of this and makes for one of their best songs of all time. 

Better Without You is my favourite song on the album and is the perfect example of Evanescence at their best. Heavy, emotive, empowering, and seriously catchy.

Overall, this is a very good album. It's not as good as their awesome debut, but easily stands up to everything else they've put out. 


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