Saturday 11 May 2019

Album Review: DIE KLUTE - Planet Fear

DIEKLUTE - Planet Fear

01. If I Die
02. Out Of Control
03. The Hangman
04. Rich Kid Loser
05. For Nothing
06. Human Error
07. It's All In Vain
08. Born For A Cause
09. Infectious
10. Push The Limit
11. She Watch Channel Zero?! (Public Enemy cover)
12. Mofo
Die Klute is a new Industrial supergroup, featuring the talents of Fear Factory's Dino Cazares, Die Krupps' Jürgen Engler and Leæther Strip's Claus Larsen.

I only recently found out about this project, and as a big fan of Fear Factory and Die Krupps, I was excited to give it a listen. Before checking out the full album, I heard the lead single It's All In Vain, and, being completely honest, it was a little disappointing. The guitars are barely audible and it's neither particulary heavy nor catchy. If anything, it sounds like a watered down version of early Ministry. It's not awful, but it's nowhere near as good as it should be, given the talent behind it.

Now I've listened to the whole album, it all makes a bit more sense. I was hoping for something like Max Cavalera's Nailbomb, but it's less Metal and more old-school industrial than that. It can be quite repetitive and relentless, but then again, so were many of the popular Industrial acts of the 90's.

I have warmed to Planet Fear and there are a few really cool gems on here like Rich Kid Loser and the stomping Born For A Cause. I also like the heavy crushing Infectious and the dance-floor bothering closer Mofo.

Planet Fear is very much for retro-Industrial fans. It's the kind of music I really have to be in the mood for, which isn't that often. I'll think I'll stick to Die Krupps and Fear Factory for my Industrial fix, and leave Die Klute to the die-hards.


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