Friday 10 May 2019

Album Review: NEW YEARS DAY - Unbreakable

New Years Day - Unbreakable

01. Come For Me
02. MissUnderstood
03. Skeletons
04. Unbreakable
05. Shut Up
06. Done With You
07. Poltergeist
08. Break My Body
09. Sorry Not Sorry
10. My Monsters
11. Nocturnal
12. I Survived

It feels like forever since New Years Day released their previous album, Malevolence, which incidentally was pretty damn killer. Last year's Diary Of A Creep EP (read my review here) had some great moments to tide fans over, but there's nothing quite like getting stuck into a brand new full length album by a band you're really into. 

Unbreakable kicks off with the brutally heavy Come For Me, clearly inspired by Ash Costello's detractors and online trolls. It's a punchy catchy number, but the chorus is very similar to the classic Blood by In This Moment, who they've been touring with for some time. There's a fine line between being influenced by something and shamelessly ripping it off, and I think New Years Day are delicately balanced on that line with this one. It's still a great track though, regardless.

Shut Up is my favourite track on here. It's very Pop and the band's lack of fear when mixing mainstream commercial music with Metal really paid off with this song. It has a sexy sleaziness that fits nicely with the massive slamming Metal riffs.

Other highlights include the super-catchy Skeletons, My Monsters, and the uplifting album closer I Survived.

Unbreakable doesn't have any weak moments and has enough gems to make this album essential for existing fans. It's easily as good as the previous record and I can only see New Years Day getting bigger and bigger over the coming months.


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