Thursday 3 October 2019

Album Review: LIV SIN - Burning Sermons

Liv Sin - Burning Sermons

01. Blood Moon Fever
02. Chapter Of The Witch
03. Hope Begins To Fade (feat. Björn Strid)
04. War Antidote
05. At The Gates Of The Abyss
06. Slave To The Machine
07. The Sinner
08. Death Gives Life Meaning
09. Ghost In The Dark
10. Dead Wind Intermezzo

Ex-Sister Sin singer, Liv Sin, is back with her second solo album. I enjoyed her debut (read my review here), so I had high hopes for the follow-up.

Opener Blood Moon Fever is nothing short of awesome. It boasts huge Heavy Metal riffs, Iron Maiden-esque lead guitar work, and the kind of powerful-yet-melodic chorus Liv is known for. From the very start, it's clear that Liv is not fucking around. This is no-bullshit, full-on Heavy Metal!

Chapter of the Witch goes even heavier with some old school Thrash weaving itself in with the Traditional Metal.

Hope Begins To Fade brings the temp down to a dark heavy groove, and features some barely audible backing vocals from Soilwork's Björn Strid. I'd have liked him up in the mix a little, but it's done now. It's a killer song nonetheless.

War Antidote puts the foot back on the accelerator and sounds like something Accept would be proud of.

At The Gates Of The Abyss is aptly titled as the opening riff is reminiscent of At The Gates' legendary Slaughter Of The Soul album.

I love how there are plenty of technical Death Metal riffs enlaced with a more traditional and melodic Metal sound, giving this record plenty of bite and 'heaviosity' without compromising the catchiness of the choruses.

Ghost In The Dark is the 'Power Ballad' moment on Burning Sermons and is delivered with an undeniable level of passion.

My issue with her first solo album was that, despite being really good, wasn't up to the very high standard set by the Sister Sin back catalogue. Burning Sermons has no such concerns as it is superb. Liv's voice is still as incredible as ever. I'd argue that she's one of the best Heavy Metal vocalists in the world. This new collection of songs certainly do her voice justice, and I can't imagine how any of her fans wouldn't be completely blown away by them.

Burning Sermons is an unrepentant Heavy Metal album packed full of killer tracks. What more could I ask for?


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