Saturday 8 April 2017

Album Review: GRAVE DIGGER - Healed By Metal

Grave Digger - Healed By Metal

01 Healed By Metal
02 When Night Falls
03 Lawbreaker
04 Free Forever
05 Call For War
06 Ten Commandments Of Metal
07 The Hangman's Eye
08 Kill Ritual
09 Hallelujah
10 Laughing With The Dead
11 Kingdom Of The Night (Bonus Track)
12 Bucket List (Bonus Track)

Healed By Metal is Grave Digger's 18th studio album (if you include 1986's Stronger Than Ever which they put out under the name Digger). For those already into the band, they will be delighted to hear that nothing has really changed. Grave Digger still sound exactly as expected which is traditional Heavy Metal. Their unwillingness to venture into new musical territory is part of their appeal, as you always know what you're going to get.

Grave Digger are fun to listen to. I'm sure they take themselves, and certainly their music, very seriously but the 'over the top' silly lyrics about all areas of clich├ęd Heavy Metal subject matter is something that may make them too ridiculous for many Metal fans. However, if you embrace the utter nonsense put out by bands such as Manowar, you'll no doubt be into this. Grave Digger even have a song called Ten Commandments Of Metal, for fuck's sake! Actually, I have to confess I have a soft spot for these kind of Heavy Metal shenanigans. It's fun escapism, and in a world full of bands churning out superficial angst to sell records to teenagers, this kind of chest beating Metal is a welcome refreshment.

Musically, Grave Digger are very impressive to say the least. Quality-wise, they're up there with Saxon, Accept and Primal Fear, and anyone into that kind of full-on Metal who isn't already a fan soon will be after checking this out.

I strongly advise watching the below videos. They're utterly ridiculous and unbelievably Metal at the same time. The fact that people make stuff like this, and with such passion, makes me very happy. What's not to love?


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