Thursday 17 June 2021

Album Review: WHILE SHE SLEEPS - Sleeps Society


01. Enlightenment(?)
02. You Are All You Need
03. Systemtic
04. Nervous
05. PYAI
06. Know Your Worth (Somebody)
07. No Defeat For The Brave
08. Division Street
09. Sleeps Society
10. Call Of The Void
11. DN3 3HT

I do like While She Sleeps. I have all of their records and have seen them several times. They've been very notable in recent years as a band that has gone back down the D.I.Y route, axing over-paid industry middle-men and taking control of their own destiny. While She Sleeps are currently very prolific on Patreon and are still regarded as major players in the UK Metal scene. 

Sleeps Society is another solid album. It's packed with everything you'd expect. Melodic Metalcore, awesome lead work, bouncy riffs, and shout-along choruses. If you liked the band before, there's no reason you won't enjoy Sleeps Society.

For me, the best tracks on here are Systematic, You Are All I Need, Enlightenment(?), and the title track, which has a kind-of extra chorus right at the end of the song which is total magic. 

OK, they haven't hit the dizzying heights of other bands from the same scene like Architects and Bring Me The Horizon, but I think While She Sleeps make better records. They're also a great live band, so I hope they just carry on doing their thing without the outside influence of big labels.


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