Tuesday 25 October 2016


Lilith And The Knight - Insanity
1. Insanity
2. Formaldehyde
3. N.H.S (No Health Society)
4. Matriarch

For those unfamiliar with the band, Lilith and the Knight is a female fronted Hard Rock band from London boasting a plethora of Rock, Metal and Blues influences, and has earned a reputation as a formidable live act since forming in 2015. The awesome debut single 'Wake Up' gave the world a taste of what the band has to offer, and now we finally have something a little more substantial in the form of this four track EP.

Opener 'Insanity' is the stand-out track on the EP. It starts off with an infectious bass line reminiscent of early Tool, before building into a roof raising rocker that showcases the mighty lungs of lead singer Lilith. The chorus is soaring and catchy and is bolstered by some aggressive male backing vocals giving it that extra dynamic. The guitar solo is great too! Insanity is a strong instant single that showcases what this band are capable of, and I'm sure will win them plenty of new fans.

The remaining three tracks are all good, but the production doesn't seem to be quite to the same standard as the lead track. The mix seems a little different and they sound a bit more 'lo-fi' but with less bass. Don't get me wrong, they're still good, but to my ears they'd benefit from a bit more of a beefy sound. This is particularly notable in the multi-textured song 'Formaldehyde' when a particularly slamming riff comes in at 3:02. I'm sure that this is a key mosh pit inducing moment in their live set, but the production on the recording doesn't do it enough justice in the 'Punch Department'.

Third up, we have the stomping N.H.S (No Health Society) which picks up the pace of the EP, and Lilith gets to show her continued vocal versatility with some sneering attitude in the chorus, along with some 'In This Moment' style screaming. Her performance gives great character to the song and lyrics.

Closing the EP is the track 'Matriarch' which starts off with a Sabbath-esque riff worth of Tony Iommi himself, and picks up pace into something darker and more haunting. The music, bar the vocals, reminds me of Kyuss in places. Adding Lilith's powerhouse vocals over the top makes it an interesting listen, as the song twists and turns down an almost Stoner-Rock path.

Considering that the band has only been around for just over a year, what they've achieved with this EP is impressive, and is a good indicator of what's to come. It's musically diverse but remains cohesive. The musicianship is solid, and as the band hone their skills over the coming months with touring and further writing, I could quite easily see them transforming into a world class act on a major label. Definitely one to watch.


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