Sunday 23 December 2018


Wow! 2018 really has been a fantastic year for music. Choosing my top 30 albums has been particularly difficult, and there are so many genuinely superb records that haven't made the list. I've made my selections on the strengths of these records as pieces of work in their entirety, as opposed to them having just one or two absolutely killer songs.

I could write an essay about how I've made my choices, but I won't bore you with that. I have linked my favourite albums to my reviews, and, if you scroll further down, you'll find my favourite singles of 2018 which I've linked to YouTube videos and audio.

It's been a pleasure reflecting on all of the amazing albums that were released this year, and my personal favourites are as follows (Drum roll please...):


Choosing my favourite 30 songs of 2018 has been even harder than the albums. So, for the first time, I've decided to do a Top 40 instead, as there are so many amazing songs that deserve a mention.

As always, I have certain rules:

Only one song per artist (This stops Ghost from clogging up the top 5).

Any single released prior to an album due the following year is excluded. For example, Habits by Marmozets was released in late 2017, but the album didn’t come out until early this year, so that’s why the track is in the 2018 list.

Oh, and re-releases are excluded.

I hope you enjoy my pick of top tunes for the year. Feel free to argue over my choices, share your own lists etc. Seriously though, if there’s anything here you haven’t heard, click the link and have a listen. There’s so much fantastic new music out there, it’d be a shame to miss out on what could be your new favourite jam.

01.   GHOST– Rats
24.   GOST– Sigil



  1. Hey Dan good list, of those releases that i have herd I think you got it right! I do think the new Letters from the fire is the big surprise, and might even be better than Halestorm \m/

    1. Thanks! Yes, the Letters From The Fire album is excellent, and their new lead singer is amazing!


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