Wednesday 19 December 2018

Album Review: CARPENTER BRUT - Leather Teeth

Carpenter Brut - Leather Teeth

01. Leather Teeth
02. Cheerleader Effect
03. Sunday Lunch
04. Monday Hunt
05. Inferno Galore
06. Beware The Beast
07.Hairspray Hurricane
08. End Titles

Carpenter Brut is arguably the biggest name on the Synthwave scene, and like most of these acts, is very much influenced by John Carpenter's music from his movies, and, well, everything 80's. I'm a huge fan of everything 80's too, so Carpenter Brut's new record was a pleasure to indulge in.

As expected, Leather Teeth is a mostly instrumental opus, with just two tracks, Cheerleader Effect and Beware The Beast, having vocals. As much as I enjoy this retro cinematic synth music, partly through nostalgia, but mainly because it's awesome, I do generally prefer songs with lead vocals and lyrics. Beware The Beast is my favourite, and is catchier than any 1980's STD you'd care to mention.

The songs each have their own character, but fit together incredibly well as a record in its entirety, making it the perfect soundtrack to a midnight drive, twatting around in a graveyard wearing aviators, or doing anything ludicrously 80's. Right. I'm off to the attic to dig out my Atari ST!


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