Wednesday 12 December 2018

Album Review: DORO - Forever Warriors, Forever United

Doro - Forever Warriors, Forever United
Disc 1:
01. All For Metal
02. Bastardos
03. If I Can't Have You, No One Will
04. Soldier Of Metal
05. Turn It Up
06. Blood, Sweat And Rock 'N' Roll
07. Don't Break My Heart Again (Whitesnake cover)
08. Love's Gone To Hell
09. Freunde Furs Leben
10. Backstage To Heaven
11. Be Strong (Bonus Track)
12. Black Ballad (Bonus Track)
13. Bring My Hero Back Home Again (Bonus Track)

Disc 2:
01. Resistance
02. Lift Me Up
03. Heartbroken
04. It Cuts So Deep
05. Love Is A Sin
06. Living Life To The Fullest
07. 1000 Years
08. Fight Through The Fire
09. Lost In The Ozone (Motorhead cover)
10. Caruso (Bonus Track)
11. Tra Como E Coriovallum (Bonus Track)
12. Metal Is My Alcohol (Bonus Track)

The Metal Queen, AKA Doro, is back with an impressive double album full of new material for the fans to sink their teeth into. Forever Warriors, Forever United is Doro's 13th studio album (the 17th if you include the Warlock albums). After seeing her play a jaw-dropping set at this year's Bloodstock festival (read my review here), I knew I'd have to check out her new record.

This 25-song package is a huge achievement, and there's plenty of diverse material from power ballads to full-on rockers to keep any Doro fan happy. The Metal Queen delights in indulging in every ludicrous Heavy Metal cliche imaginable, from the ice-cool to the uber-silly. For me, that's part of her charm. Even before hearing the music, titles like All For Metal, Bastardos, Soldier of Metal, Love's Gone To Hell, and Metal Is My Alcohol let me know that I'm not about to listen to some dull, introverted, arty nonsense. No, Sir / Madam. This is Heavy Fucking Metal.

There are some seriously killer tracks on this Metal opus, such as Fight Through The Fire, Resistance, Turn It Up, and the Motorhead flavoured Bastardos. I also really like the ludicrous-yet-wonderful All For Metal, which is probably Doro's best anthem since the Warlock classic All We Are. I've already witnessed the power of this song live at Bloodstock, and its lyrics are certainly something I can get onboard with. "Metal!"


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