Wednesday 19 December 2018

Album Review: STRIKER - Play To Win

Striker - Play To Win

01. Heart of Lies
02. Position of Power
03. Head First
04. On The Run
05. The Front
06. Play To Win
07. Standing Alone
08. Summoner
09. Heavy Is The Heart
10. Hands of Time

Every now and then I'm recommended an album by someone, and upon hearing them think "How the actual fuck did I not know about this band?" Striker fall into that category. Not to be confused with the Striker from the 70's, this band is from Canada and has been around since 2007. Play To Win is their sixth studio album.

The last few years have seen more young bands than ever embrace the 80's sound, which is fine with me! Striker play 80's Heavy Metal, and do it incredibly well. The irony is that some of the big names from the 80's aren't putting out albums that are even half as good as this. The production makes Striker sound absolutely huge!

Mixing elements of Glam, Thrash, as well as Traditional Metal, Striker will no doubt appeal to fans of Dokken, Def Leppard, Skid Row and even Judas Priest. I love this kind of music, so for me, Play To Win was a real find. The musicianship is exceptional too. The shredding lead guitar work is mind-blowing, and the rhythm section is solid as a rock. Mix that with some soaring vocals that hit some insanely high notes with ease, and you have the class-A Metal beast that is Striker.

I particularly like The Front, On The Run, Heart Of Lies, and the Thrash-tastic Summoner. To be honest, it's all good. This is one of those filler-free albums that you can listen to in its entirety without going anywhere near the skip button. Play To Win is fucking great. Pure and simple.


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