Sunday 2 December 2018

Album Review: RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR - The Legacy Of Shi

Rise Of The Northstar - The Legacy Of Shi

01. The Awakening
02. Here Comes The Boom
03. Nekketsu
04. Kozo
05. Teenage Rage
06. Step By Step
07. This Is Crossover
08. Cold Truth
09. All For One
10. Furyo's Day
11. The Legacy Of Shi

I've been really excited about this sophomore album from Rise Of The Northstar since checking out their 2014 debut Welcame a couple of years ago. Their debut album is absolutely incredible, and France's Rise Of The Northstar quickly became one of my favourite bands in this super-heavy crossover genre.

The Legacy of Shi follows a similar musical path to its predecessor, mixing Hardcore, Rap Metal, Nu Metal, Thrash and a sprinkle of every other form of extreme music imaginable, creating a musical beast that's innovative yet familiar at the same time. The most prominent influences I can hear come from mid-nineties Hardcore and Metal. Think Biohazard, early Machine Head, Madball, Pro-Pain, Suicidal Tendencies, Fear Factory, Korn, and Pissing Razors, and you'll be somewhere near. Image and lyric-wise, they're still obsessed with Japanese culture, which works really nicely with the music.

Rise Of The Northstar have some undisputable strengths. Their tracks sizzle with energy and 'bounce-factor', making the listener imagine how crazy the mosh-pits at their shows must be. They also have a knack for writing really catchy songs, with plenty of shout-a-long group vocals, that make their music easily accessible but without compromising ferocity.

I wouldn't say that The Legacy Of Shi is a better album than their debut, Welcame, but that record set the bar ridiculously high. This second album is still an immensely strong body of work in its own right. There are no fillers here, but were I forced to choose favourites, I'd currently choose Nekketsu and the slamming Here Comes The Boom.


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