Thursday 29 November 2018

Album Review: HELALYN FLOWERS - Nyctophilia

Helalyn Flowers - Nyctophilia

01. Tetrachromatic
02. Unleash The Wolves
03. Kamikaze Angel
04. Let Me In
05. Breathless
06. Run Away (With My Demons)
07. Beyond
08.When It Is Not Black Enough
09. Nyctophilia
10. Morphine

Italy's Helalyn Flowers have been popular on the Goth scene for a few years, but for some strange reason, I've never had a proper listen to their music until very recently. The band is comprised of Noemi Aurora (Vocals/Synth/Programming) and Maxx (Guitars/Synth/Programming). Nyctophilia is the duo's fifth album and was released this summer via the label Alfa Matrix.

Nyctophilia is an excellent album, incorporating Industrial beats with Electronica, Pop, and Rock too. If you haven't heard of them before, imagine a mix between The Birthday Massacre, Blutengel and Priest, and you'll be somewhere close. They inject a twist of 80's Pop into their EBM and Darkwave sound making them stand out from the vast majority of other acts in their genre, which gives them a wider appeal. Basically, they know how to write a catchy song, but without compromising their musical integrity.

The whole album is very listenable. There are no dull or self-indulgent moments, just engaging tunes and well-crafted song writing throughout. My favourite on here is Run Away (With My Demons), which is as catchy as Hell, and deserves to be a hit single. Now I'm going to have to find the time to check out their entire back-catalogue!


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