Sunday 18 November 2018

Album Review: SALIVA - 10 Lives

Saliva - 10 Lives

01. Domination
02. Only the Strong Survive
03. Some Shit About Love
04. Close to the Ledge
05. One More Night
06. Helpless
07. Epidemic
08. Gone Away
09. The Warning
10. The Snake
11. Make You Famous
12. Pissed
13. When I'm Gone
14. Some Thing About Love

I’ve lost touch with Saliva over recent years. Since the departure of main-man / songwriter Josey Scott back in 2011, partly because Saliva have had almost zero press in the UK. The thing that surprised me, as I’m sure surprised many of their fans, is that they are still great without Josey, despite him being such a major creative force behind their huge hits. Without that major label backing it’s unlikely that they’ll ever be as successful as they were in their early days, when songs like Always and Click Click Boom were getting a lot of mainstream airplay.

Today, Saliva do sound very retro and are keeping that Nu Metal flag flying. Weirdly enough, their new album reminds me a lot of early Adema. Remember them? If you like Adema, Drowning Pool, Soil and Godsmack, 10 Lives is definitely an album you should check out.

Aside from the heavy, bone-rattling Nu Metal tracks like Only The Strong Survive and When I'm Gone, there are some quite commercial Metal tracks on offer here. Some Shit About Love could have been a massive single if it had come out in 2001. Again, One More Night sounds like something 3 Doors Down would have sold a million copies of, back in the day. I also really like the rap-infused Close To The Ledge which has an undisputable early-Saliva vibe about it.

I was unexpectedly impressed by 10 Lives. It’s packed full of great songs, and while it may be retro-as-fuck, so are bands like Seether and Shinedown, and they’re absolutely massive. Regardless of what the future may hold for Saliva, there’s no disputing the fact that they’ve released a very strong album that does their legacy justice.


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