Saturday 22 December 2018

Album Review: LOVEBITES - Clockwork Immortality

Lovebites - Clockwork Immortality

01. Addicted
02. Pledge Of The Saviour
03. Rising
04. Empty Daydream
05. Mastermind 01
06. M.D.O.
07. Journey To The Otherside
08. The Final Collision
09. We The United
10. Epilogue

It's been less that six months since their last EP Battle Against Damnation (read my review here), and just over a year since their debut full-length album Awakening From Abyss, and Lovebites have only recently released their second album, Clockwork Immortality. They're certainly a prolific bunch, and the quality of their work gets better and better.

Clockwork Immortality is a wonderful mix of technical Heavy Metal, Thrash, Power Metal and Symphonic Metal. The musicianship in the band is as incredible as it is inspiring. Check out the playing on my personal favourite Pledge Of The Saviour and you'll hear what I mean. Actually, every song is pretty mind-blowing, especially when the guitar solos kick in. Just 'Wow!'

It's not all high-speed technical craziness though. Empty Daydream is a bit more relaxed, but no less powerful, favouring a more melodic Pop Metal approach that works nicely. The Final Collision and Journey To The Otherside are also outstanding slabs of Heavy Metal that benefit from being a little more melodic and commercial. There are still plenty of super-fast Power Metal pieces like We The United that easily give DragonForce a run for their money.

This mighty accomplishment of a record concludes with the epic piano driven power-ballad Epilogue, that's beautifully delivered and is sonically immense.

Lovebites are making waves and are doing it fast. It comes as no surprise given their talent, and now with Nuclear Blast releasing this record in certain territories, they are certain to become a household name in the world of Metal in the coming months.

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