Tuesday 28 August 2018

EP Review: LOVEBITES - Battle Against Damnation

Lovebites - Battle Against Damnation

01. The Crusade
02. Break The Wall
03. Above The Black Sea
04. Under The Red Sky

After seeing Lovebites play an awesome set at this year's Bloodstock festival (read my review here), I had to check out their latest release, which is this EP, Battle Against Damnation. Since forming in 2016, Lovebites have released two EPs and a full-length album. The creative juices are clearly flowing, and Lovebites are making the most of the hype surrounding them, giving the band the kind of momentum that most young acts would kill for.

Battle Against Damnation may only have four tracks, but it clocks in at over 21 minutes of music, and each of these tracks is absolute gold. Musically, they incorporate a good mix of styles that all gel well together. Opener The Crusade is an epic slab of technical Power Metal with an infectious Iron Maiden vibe throughout. Break The Wall starts off sounding like something Testament would be proud of, until breaking into a catchy melodic chorus, teeming with drama. Above The Black Sea opens with some gorgeous Blues guitar reminiscent of Gary Moore, before bursting into some galloping Metal laced with some awesome lead guitar work. The last track Under The Red Sky is another wonderful slab of Power Metal with a triumphant grandiose chorus worthy of DragonForce or any other A-listers of this genre you could mention. Seriously, the level of musicianship amongst these ladies is nothing short of exemplary.

Lovebites is a fantastic band with a very strong, marketable image. I can see them becoming a huge act internationally, so I'm pleased to have been able to check them out both live and on record at this early stage of their career. I have no doubt that it'll be an exciting journey with plenty more exemplary Heavy Metal music to come.


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