Thursday 16 August 2018

Album Review: SKINDRED - Big Tings

Skindred - Big Tings

01. Big Tings
02. That's My Jam
03. Machine (feat. Gary Stringer from Reef)
04. Last Chance
05. Tell Me
06. Loud and Clear
07. Alive
08. All This Time
09. Broken Glass
10. Saying It Now

I've been following Skindred since they started, and they still haven't done a bad album. Big Tings is no exception.

Arguably, Big Tings is a little more commercial overall, and has a fraction less of the Punk fury than on some previous albums such as my personal favourite, Roots Rock Riot. That's not to say that it's bad in any way, just a bit different.

There are some great songs on here including the insanely catchy That's My Jam, and the heavy slamming force that is Machine. I'm still not convinced by the ballads Tell Me and Saying It Now. The latter sounds like it could be an unused Poison or Tyketto ballad that didn't make the record, and is only identifiable as Skindred due to Benji Webbe's vocals.

The rest of the album is pretty cool though. Broken Glass is a nice funky number that could be a future single, and All This Time is a great bouncy Rocker that I'm sure would be a winner at festivals. There are some decent heavy riffs too.

Big Tings isn't Skindred's best album, but it's a decent one, and contains enough infectious numbers to make it worth picking up.


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