Thursday 9 August 2018

Album Review: BURY TOMORROW - Black Flame

Bury Tomorrow - Black Flame

01. No Less Violent
02. Adrenaline
03. Black Flame
04. My Revenge
05. More Than Mortal
06. Knife of Gold
07. The Age
08. Stormbringer
09. Overcast 
10. Peacekeeper

Bury Tomorrow is one of those bands I've been aware of for a few years but never checked out. They seem to be popular with the local 'Death-core' kids, so I immediately assumed that their music wouldn't be of any interest to me whatsoever. After seeing their set at this year's Download Festival (see my review here), I believe that I may have done them a disservice. I've been quite looking forward to Black Flame, and this is the first time I've listened to any of their recorded work, so I can't compare it to anything they've released before.

Killswitch Engage are responsible for an entire genre and generation of Metal bands, all adopting elements of Extreme Metal and Hardcore, chucking in that classic Pantera groove, and most notably alternating brutal and melodic vocals.  I've read various arguments as to what is and isn't 'Metalcore', but for me it's all of those aforementioned qualities. In short, Bury Tomorrow fits into this category with ease.

In fairness, while there are loads of bands out there that sound like this, Bury Tomorrow are really fucking good at it. There is plenty of technical guitar work, giving the album a 'Soilwork' vibe, but they also have the crushing qualities of Parkway Drive, mixed in with the savage melodies of While She Sleeps making for an overall sound that's contemporary, commercial, and Metal as fuck.

Black Flame's title track is nothing short of superb, and encompasses every aspect of the band's sound in one song, all perfectly crafted into an epic beast. Adrenaline is guaranteed to get the mosh-pits churning with its collision of Thrash and 'bounce', but without compromising the melody. It's actually quite difficult to pick favourites, as the whole album is very strong, and I really can't see how anyone who likes one of these songs wouldn't like all of them.

Bury Tomorrow have released a killer record that has the potential to make them a much bigger band than they currently are. Black Flame is certainly way better than I thought it would be, and now I'm going to have to check out their back catalogue!


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