Tuesday 21 August 2018

EP Review: CHELSEY AND THE NOISE - Blank Frames

Chelsey and the Noise - Blank Frames

01. Mountain
02. Castle
03. Thick - Clear
04. Depth Denying (Underwater)

Chelsey and the Noise is an Industrial act from Hayward, California Their music is a disturbing blend of Pop and dark Industrial Electroncia, with hints of Glitch and Dubstep. At times they remind me of Nine Inch Nails and Crystal Castles in equal parts, which is an interesting mix of styles, to say the least. Their music also causes me to imagine what Sleigh Bells would sound like if Ministry's Al Jourgensen was their producer. Does any of that make sense? Probably not.

Anyway, Blank Frames is a four track EP which sets the tone as to what Chelsey and the Noise is all about. The songs all sit well together to form a cohesive package of noise that marries the chaotic with the atmospheric. There are no obvious singles on Blank Frames, and music like this is unlikely to be bothering the charts or mainstream radio stations any time soon. But for the Industrial Noise-Pop connoisseur, there's plenty to indulge in here.


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