Monday 27 August 2018

Album Review: THE DEAD DAISIES - Burn It Down

The Dead Daisies - Burn It Down

01. Resurrected
02. Rise Up
03. Burn It Down
04. Judgement Day
05. What Goes Around
06. Bitch (The Rolling Stones cover)
07. Set Me Free
08. Dead And Gone
09. Can't Take It With You
10. Leave Me Alone

I really should love The Dead Daisies, but in truth, I just 'like' them. Don't get me wrong, they have the occasional awesome song that I simply can't argue with, but overall there's just something not quite right. They have the amazing line-up which includes the ludicrously underrated John Corabi who sang on Motley Crue's absolute gem of a 'self-titled' record, as well as The Scream's 'Let It Scream' which is one of the finest Hard Rock albums to come out in the early nineties.

I think my main issue with The Dead Daisies is that everything is so predictable and generic. First of all, look at their song titles! They're all so unoriginal and uninspired, making me feel that their 'creative' body of work is moulded purely to tick boxes and try to mimic the formula that made Aerosmith and Guns 'n' Roses household names.

My favourite songs on here are Dead and Gone, which reminds me of Slash's Snakepit with its sleazy defiance, and the swagger heavy Leave Me Alone which finished the album nicely.

Burn It Down is a solid record that does what it says on the tin. It's American-style Hard Rock by numbers with plenty of riffs and zero surprises. I'm sure that it'll be a huge success if it isn't already as there are no bad songs on here, and quite a few good ones, and it all sounds so reassuringly familiar. I just wish they'd taken a few more risks.


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