Tuesday 10 April 2018

Album Review: MEGARA - Aquí Todos Estamos Locos

Megara - Aquí Todos Estamos Locos

01. Más Que Una Leyenda (More Than A Legend)
02. Enredados (Tangled)
03. Bienvenido Al Desastre (Welcome To The Disaster)
04. Almas (Souls)
05. Arrástrame Al Infierno (Drag Me To Hell)
06. El Hombre De Arena (The Sandman)
07. Involución (Involution)
08. Cuenta Atrás (Countdown)
09. Esclava Del Aire (Air Slave)
10. Billie Jean [Michael Jackson cover]

I've been following Megara since I saw them play live in Barcelona in 2016 (see the review here). After playing their fantastic debut album Siete many times (click here to read the review), I've been looking forward to hearing what they would do for their follow-up.

It's been interesting watching Megara's popularity grow and grow over the last 18 months, with a series of superb music videos and some clever promotional work, culminating in a sold-out show at Madrid's Teatro Barcelo on the 2nd March. Considering the quality of everything they do; their ever-growing success is richly deserved.

Bienvenido Al Desastre was the first music video for this record, and is not only an awesome song, but the quality of the video, the attention to detail, and the love and devotion that has clearly gone into making this masterpiece, surpasses the efforts of the majority of major label artists.

The opening track Más Que Una Leyenda really sets the tone for the album. It's an upbeat rocker which oozes youthful energy, as well as boasting plenty of melodic hooks, and a short but very sweet guitar solo.

It's followed by Enredados, which mixes Rock with Electronica in just the right amounts to create an infectious track that reminds me a little of early 30 Seconds To Mars in places. It's a great song, and possibly my favourite on the album.

Other personal favourites include El Hombre De Arena with its nice heavy riffing, and the emotive Almas. The album is finished nicely with a moody cover of Michael Jackson's Billie Jean, which has some impressive Electronica giving the song a beautiful, yet haunting quality.

Aquí Todos Estamos Locos is a very strong second album, and the writing is particularly focused, with none of the songs being drawn out or outstaying their welcome. There's no fat to trim here. Instead each track is a nicely refined, short, sharp, and snappy dose of Pop-Metal with a memorable chorus and quality musicianship bolstered by a first class production. Every one of these songs could be released as a single, which is the mark of a truly great record. The whole thing is available to listen to on YouTube too, so check it out!


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