Monday 9 April 2018

TV Series Review: MARVEL'S JESSICA JONES (Season 2)

Jessica Jones Season 2

After an amazing first season, and her appearance in the slighly underwhelming Marvel TV team-up The Defenders, Jessica Jones is back with this second season released on International Women's Day via Netflix.

Krysten Ritter returns to the lead role as the bitter anti-hero, and the season starts off with the viewer seeing that Jessica has walked away from her Super-hero life and has gone back to rebuilding her private eye company. This second season provides more of a back-story for Jessica, her parents and Trish. We find out what happened to her family, and how she gained her powers.


I really enjoyed this season. It had a very similar feel to the first one, but it did suffer from not having a villain as good as David Tennant's Kilgrave. However, part-way through the season he returns as a vision that Jessica has a few discussions with and ultimately tries to lead her down a darker path. It was a nice twist, and David Tennant is such an amazing actor that his addition was only ever going to improve the show.

The story mainly revolves around Jessica's investigation of a company called IGH which was involved in experimenting on people, giving them powers. This leads to murder investigations, and the big reveal that the main protagonist this season is Jessica's mother (who didn't die afterall). She has returned with similar, yet greater powers than Jessica, but with an inability to control her violent outbursts.

Trish is really fucking annoying in this season. We get to see her backstory as a spoilt child being pushed into the spotlight as a Pop star, her battle with drugs and her generally debauched adolescence. All of this leads to her being a generally self-centered and irresponsible brat in the current day. She ends up being experimented on at her request so she can get powers like Jessica's, which results in the process being a failure and her nearly dying. The season ends with the suggestion that the experiments may have had some success afterall. Super-geeks will be aware that Trish (AKA Patsy Walker) in the comics, is the character Hellcat. Whether or not a version of Hellcat is going to be brought into the live-action Marvel Universe remains to be seen.

The character of the ruthless lawyer Jeri Hogarth, played again by The Matrix's Carrie-Anne Moss, is also developed a lot further in this season, with her being diagnosed with ALS and facing being forced out of her own company.

Season 2 was excellent. I wouldn't say it was as good as the first season, but very few TV shows could touch that anyway. I did enjoy how there weren't that many cross-overs with characters from other series in the same universe, allowing Jessica's story to be focussed on and to retain the tone of its predecessor. Adding Daredevil, Iron Fist, or even Luke Cage into the show would have been more of  distraction, and may have taken away more than they might have added. I think the team-ups are best left to shows like The Defenders where the overall tone is altered specifically to accomodate all of the characters and to find a middle ground that works. I think Marvel got this season just right, and I'm looking forward to see where they take the story next.


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