Friday 24 January 2020

Album Review: RAGE - Wings Of Rage

Rage - Wings of Rage

01. True
02. Let Them Rest In Peace
03. Chasing The Twilight Zone
04. Tomorrow
05. Wings Of Rage
06. Shadow Over Deadland (The Twilight Transition)
07. A Nameless Grave
08. Don't Let Me Down
09. Shine A Light
10. HTTS 2.0
11. Blame It On The Truth
12. For Those Who Wish To Die

Rage are certainly a prolific bunch, with Wings of Rage being their 25th studio album (not including the album from Refuge, which is the classic Rage line-up [review here]). Seriously, check out their Wikipedia page and count them all!

The bands' ability to churn out consistantly impressive albums after all these years is testament to their creativity and craftsmanship. I own a few of them, after being blown away by the track Deep In The Blackest Hole on a compilation CD years ago. Unlike many bands, they haven't gone 'a bit crap' with age. Rage are still killing it, and their previous album, Seasons Of The Black (review here), is one of my favourites.

Wings Of Rage opens with True, which is an absolute belter. Melodic Heavy Metal is what Rage do, and they do it well. I also love the riff-tastic Chasing The Twilight Zone, the syphonic tinged A Nameless Grave, and the power-ballad Shine A Light

Like most bands that have been around for a long time, they have different eras. Some of Rage's records are more Thrash, others more Power Metal orientated. It all comes under the umbrella of Heavy Metal and Wings Of Rage has elements of all of Rage's styles. Personally, I like this more diverse approach to Metal, and I think, in this case, it makes for a more interesting album.


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