Saturday 11 January 2020

Album Review: THE HELLFREAKS - God On The Run

The Hellfreaks - God On The Run

01. Men In Grey
02. Red Sky
03. Hello Sea!
04. Doldrum Dynasty
05. Witches Heal
06. Royal Blue
07. Adrenalized
08. As Above
09. Clear Water
10. Tabby

Hungarian band The Hellfreaks are back with their fourth studio album. Their music is predominantly Punk, but with elements of other styles including Metal and Psychobilly. Before checking out this new record, I had heard a couple of their earlier songs, but that was it. Now, I've spent some time with God On The Run, I wish I'd been more aware of them sooner, as they are a seriously good band.

Men in Grey kicks the album off to a frenzied start with high octane drumming and a huge chorus. It kinda reminds me of Rise Against but with a healthy splash of The Distillers and Billy Talent. If you can imagine that, and such a combination sounds good to you, I have no doubt that you will love this band.

Red Sky follows its predecessor in a similar vein, and adds a touch more Punk 'brattishness', as well as some nice Metal riffing weaved in here and there. Lead singer Shakey Sue, has a powerful voice that really helps to make some of these choruses, like on this track, really soar.

Although I enjoyed the whole album, I think the band made the right choice regarding which tracks they did music videos for, as these three are my favourites. While the first two are pretty fast, Witches Heal has a dance-floor friendly stomp and a massive anthemic chorus that I could imagine having a significant cross-over and commercial appeal, were it to get the airplay it deserves.

I also really like the album closer, Tabby, which has a nice dark Industrial tone, without compromising any Punk attitude. It's a slick, sleazy beast and the perfect track to finish off this musical journey.

God On The Run sounds amazing. The production is absolutely perfect for this kind of music, and I can't fault it whatsoever. Everything about this band is extremely professional, not just the music, but the videos, photos, artwork... everything. They tick every box and I don't see any reason why The Hellfreaks shouldn't become a significantly bigger band off the back of this release.


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