Saturday 17 July 2021

Album Review: BUCKCHERRY - Hellbound


01. 54321
02. So Hott
03. Hellbound
04. Gun
05. No More Lies
06. Here I Come
07. Junk
08. Wasting No More Time
09. The Way
10. Barricade

I have to admit that I really liked Buckcherry when they first broke onto the scene with their debut album. I saw them support Kiss at Wembley and I was totally into them. A new band that sounded like a mash-up of AC/DC, Guns n' Roses and Aerosmith! OK, not as good as those three, but solid enough and with some badass songs to spark my interest.

After their first four records, I started to get bored of them. They were never the most original band the first time round, but they had some real pizazz in their songs, character and charisma. Aside from the odd cool song here and there, everything they've put out seems a bit lacking and all we've been left with is a generic band that seem content to keep recycling old material, knowing that standard Hard Rock n' Roll will always sound cool and passable. It's that fine line between going through the motions and going that extra mile to find that little bit of magic. From listening to Hellbound, it sounds like they went for the former and have made 'just another Buckcherry album' with no stand-out badass singles, but nothing terrible either.

Opener 54321 is a high octane rocker that sounds a little like The Damned's New Rose in places. So Hott is a funky number and it's no surprise they made a video for that one, and Gun has Aerosmith's DNA splattered all over it.

Maybe I'm just cynical? Maybe if I was a kid who'd never listened to Hard Rock before, I'd love this? However, I'm not. I've heard it all before and done way better. There is literally nothing new, fresh, exciting, or particularly engaging going on here whatsoever. It's all listenable and it's all alright. 


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