Monday 2 August 2021

Gig Review: BOB VYLAN + WITCH FEVER at REDRUM, Stafford (UK) 29/07/2021


Redrum is a cool little venue in Stafford town centre. What it lacks in size it makes up for in both character and legacy, having hosted a number of high profile acts over the years including Doyle from The Misfits, GBH, Raging Speedhorn, and many more. Cool venues like this are the beating heart of the UK grass-roots live scene, so it's wonderful that Redrum is still alive and kicking. It's also the perfect place to see the riotous Bob Vylan and Witch Fever, on what would otherwise be a quiet Thursday evening. 

With just two bands on the bill, Witch Fever broke the silence with an energised, raucous set. It's clear from the start that this band has a great chemistry together. Musically, they seem to draw from Punk, Grunge, Doom and Hardcore, with fast, heavy, dirty riffs, entwined with some pissed-off vocals. They sound a bit to my ears like a faster, angrier Black Moth, but with more of a 90's vibe. 

Witch Fever certainly kicked off not only the show, but some people's post-covid return to gigs, with the kind of feral rage that hits the spot. Finishing with Reincarnate, they left the audience wanting more and blatantly won themselves a few new fans.

This was my first time seeing London's Bob Vylan in the flesh. I discovered them a couple of months ago and checked out their music videos. Live, they're a two-piece. A front-man and a drummer, Bobby Vylan and Bobbie Vylan! It's interesting how attitudes towards backing tapes have changed. I think more people now understand the costs of touring and how having less mouths to feed and less bodies to shift round the country can be the difference between a tour being viable or not. Regardless, I didn't care and I don't think anyone else did. The show sounded great and that's the most important thing. 

What a fucking show! It was intense, political, powerful, fearless, and a lot of fun. Their mix of Punk and Grime is on-point. Along with the lyrics, what's on offer here is contemporary, relatable, and a welcome channel for both rage and positivity. This isn't music for racists or Tories. 

Bob Vylan played plenty of bangers from opener, I Heard You Want Your County Back, to Northern Line, to the roof-raising finale of We Live Here. It was 'all killer no filler' and a massive reminder about how much we've all missed live shows like this.


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