Wednesday 8 September 2021

Album Review: 5¢ FREAKSHOW - Reanimation Of Annihilation


01. One Bite Tonight
02. Goregasm
03. That Night She Died
04. Ex-Mortis
05. Killin' Em Now
06. Co-Ed
07. Deader Together

Coming in at a whopping 11 minutes long, this new album from 5¢ Freakshow is the short sharp shock I needed. With no time for any filler, this is a high-octane romp through their latest collection of super-catchy Horror Punk/Psychobilly tracks.

If you love all eras of The Misfits and are partial to bands like Stellar Corpses, I see know reason why you wouldn't love these guys. They're full of energy, ferocious Punk riffage, and have sweet vocal hooks everywhere. If I were to choose favourite tracks, I'd have to go for That Night She Died and Ex-Mortis. Great stuff!


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