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About: LESBIAN BED DEATH - Evil Never Dies

Lesbian Bed Death - Evil Never Dies

Only an utter cretin would review their own band's album. However, I'm incredibly proud of Evil Never Dies so please indulge me, as I'd like to write a bit about it.

The previous line-up of Lesbian Bed Death fell apart at the end of 2014, shortly after our landmark show at Whitby Goth Weekend. I was left in a difficult situation. I considered giving up playing music altogether. I'd worked incredibly hard building the band, and the brand. I had made so many sacrifices both financially and in my personal life that I resented the idea of it all being over, especially as we were finally starting to get somewhere. So I decided to rebuild. With the help of lead guitarist Vik Voodoo (aka Dan Carden who'd played guitar with me in Razorwire, and also on a few of the songs on the first Lesbian Bed Death album I Use My Powers For Evil) and drummer Russ Gwynne (who played drums on I Use My Powers For Evil) we started working on new material. After a long search for a new lead singer we found the incredibly talented Sienna Venom. We continued writing together, and the fruits of our labour is this new album Evil Never Dies. We made a conscious decision to make the definitive Lesbian Bed Death album, encompassing the elements that made the band popular before, but adding something new and exciting to take the LBD machine to the next level. I believe we achieved that.

One setback we faced was that Russ had changed his mind about being in a touring band. He retired from drumming after recording our debut album, and had only recently decided to start playing again shortly before I phoned him to see if he'd be interested in working with Lesbian Bed Death. I don't believe in fate, but I can see how it may have seemed that way. He's an old friend, and it felt right having the guy from the debut album being part of our resurrection. It was agreed that he'd stick with us to make our album before leaving the band. We recorded the album at The Chairworks in Castleford over two five day sessions. Russ recorded his drums for the entire album in just one day. He's a great player and just went in there, nailed it, and went home. Soon after, we found a fantastic new drummer in Aaron Samedi. We're extremely happy to have him on board and he's been touring this album like a boss.

We finished recording the album over the summer. A few weeks later, we had it mixed and mastered by the brilliant and highly recommended Sam Bloor at Lower Lane Studios in Stoke-on-Trent.

I'm still really happy with the album. I don't think there's a single thing I'd change about it in hindsight, and I'm sure that's a first for me. Seriously though, I can't thank my band mates enough. They dragged me out of a pit, and together we made an album that I'm sure I'll be proud to have been a part of for the rest of my life. Not many musicians have the luxury of being able to say that.

Anyway, about the songs...

1. Evil Never Dies - This was the band's comeback track. It was the first song written for the new album and features a big timeless rock riff worthy of Kiss or any 80's giant. Just listening to it makes me want to buy a Lamborghini and drive it into a tree. Naked.

2. Claws - A song about a woman scorned. The music shows off a more 'Rock n' Roll' side of Lesbian Bed Death. If Slash tried to rip off The Cult's 'Firewoman', it'd probably sound a bit like this. Well, a little bit. Maybe.

3. Make Your Wish - This is an instant Goth classic. The lyrics were inspired by the Wishmaster movies (well, the first two anyway!)

4. Book Of The Dead -  We all love the Evil Dead franchise, especially the original movie. The song is quite fast paced for us, and turned out like the missing link between Ozzy's 'Bark at the Moon' and early Megadeth.

5. Satan in the Swamps - Satan on the Beach didn't sound menacing enough. It started off as a working title due to the heavy southern American feel of the music. We got carried away and wrote about Satan being in the swamps, doing something or other.

6. She Sells Hand Grenades - A trippy little rock song with a theme of self empowerment.

7. Church of V - We love the television show V, both the original from the 80's, and the more recent remake. However the original has the drop when it comes to excessive use of hairspray and ludicrous costumes.

8. Son of a Thousand Maniacs - This song had a real party vibe to it. We also wanted to write a song about Freddy Krueger and the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, so we mixed both concepts together and came up with this upbeat little number. It clearly deserves to be a hit single and launch the band to worldwide stadium filling status. Oh, and yes, we know Freddy was the son of a hundred maniacs, not a thousand. Thousand sounded better. Besides, when was the franchise particularly concerned about continuity?

9. Survive The Night - Another Horror movie song. Inspired by the Purge movies, especially the second one (The third hadn't been released when we wrote it), it's slow, and really atmospheric, whilst delivering a heavy swagger.

10. Drag Me To Hell - A heavy slamming rock song with lyrics that pay tribute to a huge number of Horror movies. We crammed a lot in there, so it will be fun to see if the fans can list them all.

11. The Final Curtain - Our outro song has a Bowie meets Pink Floyd spacey vibe and finishes off the album nicely.

Have a listen to it on Spotify, or whatever you use. If you like it, please support us and buy an album. CDs are available direct from us here:

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