Saturday 25 February 2017

Album Review: JACK RUSSELL'S GREAT WHITE - He Saw It Comin'

Jack Russell's Great White - He Saw It Comin'

01. Sign Of The Times
02. She Moves Me
03. Crazy
04. Love Don't Live Here
05. My Addiction
06. Anything For You
07. He Saw It Comin'
08. Don't Let Me Go
09. Spy vs Spy
10. Blame It On The Night
11. Godspeed

Great White were a great band back in the Eighties and early Nineties. They had major label support, toured with Guns n' Roses and had a few hits. Like many bands from that era, there was plenty of internal strife and drug problems that possibly prevented them from being as successful as they could have been. Just listen to tracks such as Rock Me and Desert Moon to hear how good they were!

The band split up in 2001, and shortly after, lead singer Jack started touring as Jack Russell's Great White. Sadly, his new version of the band hit the headlines in 2003 when their tour manager set off some pyrotechnics at one of their club shows setting the venue on fire. One hundred people were killed and a further two hundred and thirty were injured.

Great White reformed in 2006 but this only lasted until 2010. Now there are two versions of the band out there. Great White and Jack Russell's Great White. This is the first album under the latter's moniker.

The first thing that struck me about this album, aside from the shit front cover, is how good Jack Russell still sounds. After many years of substance abuse I expected him to sound like a really poor version of his former self, but he sounds fantastic. Like Glenn Hughes, he must have some kind of magical vocal chords!

Opener Sign Of The Times is a mid-paced rocker that could have easily been lifted off one of the classic Eighties albums. It's a great opener and is sure to win over fans of the early material within seconds. She Moves Me is a catchy sultry little number which sounds like it belongs in an Eighties strip club. It even has a brief bit of rapping from Jack. It works well and would make a great single. Crazy is a funky track that reminds me of Aerosmith and, had it been released thirty years ago, could have been a massive hit. Another highlight is the heavier Blame It On The Night which is more of a straight up Hard Rock song.

He Saw It Comin' is a surprisingly good album. It's strong throughout and will delight fans of early Great White material. There's nothing contemporary here, so if you don't like Classic Rock this is not the album for you. However, if you're a fan of the genre, Jack's new album is definitely worth a listen.


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