Friday 16 June 2017

Album Review: THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE - Under Your Spell

The Birthday Massacre - Under Your Spell

01. One
02. Under Your Spell
03. All Of Nothing
04. Without You
05. Counterpane
06. Unkind
07. Games
08. Hex
09. No Tomorrow
10. The Lowest Low
11. Endless

The Birthday Massacre are one of my favourite bands. I discovered them when my own band appeared on a free CD with Alternative Magazine. I checked out all of the other artists that were on there, and one of them was The Birthday Massacre. Their featured track was Red Stars (from the 2007 album Walking With Strangers) and I remember hearing that song for the first time and being totally blown away by it. I bought the album and have followed them ever since. Last year we were fortunate to support them at a show in York, and not only were they awesome live, but the band were also really nice people too. Naturally, their new album is one of the records I've been most looking forward to hearing this year.

Musically, they found their sound early on. They have developed over time but have never strayed very far from the path they carved for themselves. The same can be said for their image and artwork too. To my ears they've always been the perfect mix of 80's Pop, Goth, Electronica and Heavy Industrial. If you're as partial to bands like The Human League, Duran Duran and The Bangles as well as HIM, Rammstein and Die Krupps, then The Birthday Massacre will probably be your new favourite band.

The Birthday Massacre are masters of their art. They know how to write amazing songs that keep in line with previous works, yet always manage to sound fresh and new. Under Your Spell is no exception. It sounds like The Birthday Massacre. If you're already a fan, there's nothing not to love about the new record. Counterpane is particularly great, with its heavy riffing juxtaposed with Chibi's gorgeous vocals over a Gothic dreamscape of synths, and is a fine example of The Birthday Massacre doing what they do best. Other highlights include the haunting title track Under Your Spell, and the upbeat and mercilessly catchy Endless which finishes off the new record in style.

Under Your Spell is yet another great album and boasts plenty of hooks to reel in new fans. So far, it's one of my favourite albums of 2017.


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