Sunday 4 June 2017

Album Review: PAPA ROACH - Crooked Teeth

Papa Roach - Crooked Teeth

01. Break The Fall
02. Crooked Teeth
03. My Medication
04. Born For Greatness
05. American Dreams
06. Periscope (feat. Skylar Grey)
07. Help
08. Sunrise Trailer Park (feat. Machine Gun Kelly)
09. Traumatic
10. None Of The Above
11. Ricochet (Bonus Track)
12. Nothing (Bonus Track)
13. Bleeding Through (Bonus Track)

Bonus Disc (Deluxe Version - Live At Fillmore Detroit)
14. Intro
15. Face Everything and Rise
16. Getting Away With Murder
17. Between Angels and Insects
18. Where Did the Angels Go?
19. Broken Home
20. Burn
21. Forever
22. Scars
23. Lifeline
24. Infest
25. Kick In the Teeth
26. Broken As Me
27. Still Swingin’
28. …To Be Loved
29. Last Resort

Now this is what I like to see, a good value for money package. The regular CD in my local record shop was £9.99, and for just £1.00 more you can get a deluxe version with three bonus studio tracks and an entire bonus live album. I'm impressed!

I've followed Papa Roach from the start, have all of their albums, and have seen them live a few times. They've come under a lot of criticism over the years for changing their style on each record, but in fairness they never really changed it that much. They've never done a 'Linkin Park' (read my review HERE to find out what I mean), but they've always moved with the times to stay relevant and to keep their music sounding interesting, instead of recycling the same old thing.

This new album is a mix of their styles from previous albums, but with some modern ideas too, so it should appeal to old fans looking for a little nostalgia, as well as bringing new fans on board. The band sound rejuvenated, and there is an undeniable energy coursing through this record. Lead singer Jacoby Shaddix uses some of his Rap skills that haven't been this prevalent on a Papa Roach record since their debut, yet he sounds more savage than ever. There is plenty of 'bounce' on this album in tracks like My Medication, Traumatic, and None Of The Above, and there are lots of memorable choruses that will stick in your brain. Sunrise Trailer featuring rapper Machine Gun Kelly has got 'hit single' written all over it with its crossover appeal and undeniable hooks.

Papa Roach have always been consistently good, but this new album is particularly impressive. It certainly serves as a reminder as to why they're one of the biggest Rock bands in the world, and one that's likely to get even bigger.


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