Saturday 12 August 2017

EP Review: ISSOS - The Leader Of Us

Issos - The Leader Of Us
01. The Leader Of Us
02. Dungeon And Chains
03. Lies
04. Lies (Extended Version)

Issos is a Thrash Metal band from São João de Meriti in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It may seem like lazy journalism to compare them to Brazilian Thrash legends Sepultura, but in all honesty it's a fair comparison as they've obviously been a huge influence on this young band.   

The title track sounds like it could have appeared on Sepultura's Chaos A.D, with its raw passion and heavy riffing. Dungeon and Chains is in a similar vein, but with a some more traditional Thrash elements reminiscent of early Megadeth.

The EP finishes with Lies, which is a heavy upbeat number that mixes Thrash with some Iron Maiden style melodic lead guitar work.

They've been going since 2013 and this EP is testimony to their hard work. What I respect about them is that they're the real deal. It's easy for some bands to write songs about inequality, violence and the effects of globalisation on third world countries when they have secure jobs, and live in safe neighbourhoods etc. Issos have clearly experienced the issues they're singing about, giving a level of authenticity to their music.

Issos are a little rough around the edges, but they are definitely a talented band with a lot to offer. I hope that they get picked up by a label and are put on a global platform where they can reach their full potential. With a little guidance, they could become major players in the international Thrash Metal scene.

The Leader Of Us is a great start and well worth a listen.


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