Wednesday 27 December 2017

Album Review: KOBRA AND THE LOTUS - Prevail I

Kobra and the Lotus - Prevail I
01. Gotham
02. TriggerPulse
03. You Don't Know
04. Specimen X (Mortal Chamber)
05. Light Me Up
06. Manifest Destiny
07. Victim
08. Check The Phyrg
09. Hell On Earth
10.  Prevail

Kobra and The Lotus are back with their epic fourth album, and their first for Napalm Records. It's the first of two parts, with their fifth album, Prevail II, due in 2018.

This new record has more of a contemporary heaviness and Tech-Metal style, but with a little less of the soaring Power Metal sound that I have previously associated with them. I love this progression, as it keeps their music sounding fresh, and caters more to my personal tastes.

Opener Gotham is an upbeat rocker that has plenty of texture, laced with catchy melodies and amazing vocal performances, showing off several sides of the band's sound, all within the same song.

This Progressive Metal direction, weaved with Kobra's dynamic vocals works really well throughout the record, exampled by killer tracks like Specimen X (Mortal Chamber), TriggerPulse, and Manifest Destiny. There is also some straight up Power Metal, such as Hell On Earth and Prevail, plus plenty of moments where the band doesn't shy away from its ability to deliver some impressive commercial singles, such as You Don't Know, and the excellent Light Me Up.

Prevail I is my favourite Kobra and the Lotus album to date, and if Prevail II is even better, I can't see any reason why the band wouldn't become significantly bigger than they already are.


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