Thursday 28 December 2017

Album Review: JOSH TODD & THE CONFLICT - Year Of The Tiger

Josh Todd & The Conflict - Year Of The Tiger
01. Year Of The Tiger
02. Inside
03. Fucked Up
04. Rain
05. Good Enough
06. The Conflict
07. Story Of My Life
08. Erotic City
09. Push It
10. Atomic
11. Rain (Clean)

Year Of The Tiger is the second solo album from Buckcherry vocalist Josh Todd. Musically, it's not a million miles away from the Buckcherry sound, but it's a bit more aggressive, with a raw Punk energy that runs throughout the record. Interestingly, earlier this year Buckcherry's lead guitarist quit, leaving Josh Todd as the only original member of the band. Year Of The Tiger could have quite easily passed as the new Buckcherry album. This makes me think that Josh is going to play it safe by sticking with a tried and tested formula on the next Buckcherry record, while keeping the angrier, heavier and more experimental side of his creative output for this solo project. Time will tell.

The title track starts the show and sets the tone for the record with its raucous energy, and an almost 'Punk meets Nu Metal' approach. It's certainly the most exciting song I've heard Josh sing for quite some time.

Rain is a mid-paced electro-acoustic power ballad, that sizzles with rage and disenchantment, and is an obvious choice for a single. For me, it's the best song on the album.

There's a good mix here, from the chilled ballad Good Enough, to savage rockers such as The Conflict and Fucked Up, as well as more melodic tracks like Erotic City, Push It and Atomic.

However, Year Of The Tiger is a mixed bag, but certainly has enough strong songs to make it worth checking out.


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