Thursday 17 January 2019

Movie Review: ANOTHER WOLFCOP (2017)

Another Wolfcop poster

2014's Wolfcop was an awesome movie. It was a Horror film with plenty of black comedy, and it reminded me of a number of movies from the 80's. I loved it so much it made my Top 20 movies for Halloween back in 2016. I was really pleased to hear that it had been successful enough to warrant a sequel, hence the creation of Another Wolfcop.

The sequel hit cinemas in Canada and America very briefly in December 2017, and is finally getting a UK Blu-Ray / DVD release in February 2019.

Another Wolfcop involves an evil billionaire who re-opens a local brewery that now sells 'Chicken Milk Stout'. I'm sure the writers went with Chicken Milk Stout just so that they could keep re-using the advertising tag line 'slam a cold cock'. Anyway, anyone who drinks this stout becomes impregnated with an alien that eventually bursts from their stomach, but instead of looking like anything from the movie Alien, they look like low-budget extra-terrestrial pieces of shit. It's all good fun, but this tackiness drags Another Wolfcop into the world of dodgy B-Movie and Grindhouse crappiness, when the original was simply on a higher level than that.

I enjoyed Another Wolfcop, but I wouldn't say that it's close to being in the same league as the original. In fairness, I didn't expect it to, and I don't think it needed to either in order to be a success. It still has a similar tone to the first, and shares a lot of the humour. What it lacks in storyline, it makes up for in additional gore and welcome distastefulness. Another Wolfcop isn't trying to win any Oscars, it's just there to entertain, and it certainly does that. I just think that Wolfcop deserved a slightly smarter, bigger budget sequel than what we ended up with.


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